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Making Halloween Decorations with Bakeable Clay

Halloween is a holiday which has seen a wide variety of decorating options grow over the last decade. These options include Halloween villages, Halloween trees, and the expansion of miniature collectibles, some directly related to Halloween, and others to the fall season in general. Prices for such decorations can range …

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Decorating Dollhouses for Halloween

Dollhouses serve as doorways into a magical world of imagination for many children and adults. The design, decoration, and furnishing of dollhouses is a popular hobby, and one into which you can sink thousands of dollars. Each season has its appropriately scaled holiday items, yet for the thrifty collector, these …

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Creating Halloween Tree Decorations

Halloween trees are a fairly new trend in decorating for the Halloween holiday. Like all other things specifically crafted for a holiday, or an event, the miniature ornaments made for the various styles of Halloween trees can be quite expensive. Cost aside, the fashioning of your own decorations for your …

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How to Make Your Own Halloween Tree

In recent years several holiday companies have started producing “Halloween Trees,” complete with lights and decorations. While this may well be simple, rampant commercialism seeking to feed off of our need to consume Halloween products, it is still a great idea 🙂 Money, however, inevitable raises its head, and we …

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A Halloween Picnic – In a Graveyard!

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the Halloween holiday is the preparation for the holiday itself. Driving around neighborhoods to observe and appreciate decorations is one way to get in the Halloween mood, while another is to visit various cemeteries, graveyards, and burial grounds. Older communities have a wealth …

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