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Bewitching Silverware Holders

I love to eat, and I love to sample the elaborate spreads my Halloween hostesses lavish on me and their other party guests. One problem I have, as I toss a few meatballs and other goodies on my plate, is juggling my plate, glass, napkin and then the silverware that …

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Witches Brew on a Broomstick

“Hubble, bubble, a dead man’s stubble, … A poisoned well became my task, A fog crowned night in stealth I crept And in the vacant mouth I poured A leprous flask of blasted sin.” William Shakespeare, Macbeth You will love serving this delightfully cheesy brew instead of the same old …

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Halloween Costumes: Go Retro!

Want a Halloween costume that really rocks? Then go retro. One of this year’s hottest trends, the retro costume is welcome at any party. Try our handy tips to create your very own blast from the past. Why Retro? Certain periods in history seem to bring about feelings of nostalgia …

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