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Prepare Your House for Halloween!

Spider Halloween decoration on window

Over and over again I hear from rueful friends, “I just don’t have the time to decorate my house for Halloween…and besides, I don’t want to spend a lot of money.” My answer? Both the time AND money you spend on decorating your house for the scariest day of the …

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Book Review: How to Haunt Your House, Book Two

How to Haunt Your House, Book 2

In their first book, Lynne and Shawn Mitchell took you through a gorgeous and macabre world of Halloween prop-building to haunt your house. How to Haunt Your House, Book Two, I’m happy to say, is not a rehash of their first book, but a worthy companion that ambitiously expands on …

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How to Make “Shrunken Heads” with Apples

Shrunken heads are the stuff of myth, legend and Hollywood voodoo movies. This Halloween, bring an eerie tradition to life by creating apple “shrunken heads” for your diabolical display. Be as simple or as detailed as you’d like; they may look like they take a lot of effort, but making …

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How to Craft a Witch’s Kitchen

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the craftiest of them all? You are—with a few simple tips on creating a simply ghoulish witch’s kitchen! What’s the Idea? The Witch’s Kitchen is a concept that has grown in popularity since it was first spotted as a trend several years ago. The …

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We’re Building a Monster For Halloween!

A Detailed, Visual Guide to Creating a 7 foot Monster Prop as Part of Your Halloween Haunt Written by Halloween Alliance and Screaming Scarecrow Studios Anyone in love with Halloween knows that a must-have member in the home haunter’s repertoire is at least one good and scary monster to greet …

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