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Make a SICK Face Pie

Posted by Melanie on  October 11, 2022

Category: Halloween Decor
Oh, sick! And we mean that in all the best ways. We’ve been finding this face pie everywhere, and if you’re a horrorphile, we’ll bet you’ve seen it, too. The problem? We haven’t seen how to make it. Until now! Where the Face Pie Idea Came From It’s hard to say whether the actual idea has been passed around the World Wide Web before this, but the first actual credit we’ve been able to locate
We’re not associated with Spirit Halloween; we’re just die-hard (see what we did there?) fans. So it was with a happy little horrified “squee!” that we came across this AWESOME leaked trailer from the upcoming movie based on the world’s largest Halloween store. There’s no official release date yet besides October 2022, so we know this sneak peak will only wet your weird whistle, but in our opinion, the film looks amazing. It also stars
Cemetery tombstones for Halloween
In a hurry to get haunting this Halloween? Have we got the tutorial for you! You can make the simple stone above in just 20 minutes. Ready to make your own creepy gravestones? Well, what are you waiting for? Dig in! NOTE: The basic should take about 20 minutes to complete. Steps marked with a * are EXTRA touches you can add. Account for some extra time if you’ll be adding these. Before You Start:
There’s something deliciously creepy about taking something as cheesy and harmless as a pink flamingo and turning it into a creature that, you know, eats dead stuff. So when we saw the “make vultures out of garden flamingos” trend, we knew we had to try it. Here’s what we used (with links) and the step-by-step tutorial. (Psst…it’s easy!) STEP ONE: Gather the Materials Here’s what we used: pink garden flamingos satin Black spray paint (make
What did the rumored undead count look like day-to-day? One artist took on the task of rereating Vlad the Impaler’s looks…and the results are blood-curdling. This Artist Took a Stab at Vlad’s Real Looks Amid the hundreds of interpretations and imaginings, one thing we do know about “Count” Dracula was that he really did exist – at least in human form. But what exactly would he have looked like day-to-day…as a real, flesh and (sorry)

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