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It’s an enduring tale steeped in uber-dramatic design, longing and love, tragedy and terror – and it’s the PERFECT party theme for Halloween or any time you’re feeling a little bit Goth. It’s Phantom of the Opera, and once you discover how cool this idea can be for your Halloween party, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get your hands on it sooner. Here we offer your spookiest (and most darkly romantic) tips on how to
    Yar going to love these hot costumes from Amazon – or get our fast hacks below. Avast, matey – so ye be wantin’ to throw a pirate party, eh? Well then look-ee no furtharrr! Whether you’re celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day (Sept. 19), hosting a pirate-themed Halloween party, or throwing a pirate’s birthday bash, we’ll cover it all! Keep reading for cool tips on pirate invitations, decorations, costumes, and mighty-fine high seas
Image credit: Halloween Wiki Throughout history, storytellers have been prized by the cultures they live in. A great storyteller captures the imagination and pulls us into the story so that we experience emotions – both good and bad – as if they’re really happening to us. Promo shot: Halloween H2O. Halloweenites’ favorite stories are generally suspenseful in nature – especially those that bring us face to face with terror. And what character is more terrifying
Mystics seeking answers. Women touching on empowerment. Charlatans lusting after easy money. Depending on your viewpoint, all of these people made up the spiritualist movement. Spiritualism is defined as “a system of religious beliefs centered on the assumption that communication with the dead, or spirits, is possible.” The movement took the European world by storm in the mid-1800s. Following the thread of reason for spiritualism’s wild popularity can make the researcher a little dizzy. The
By Dusti Lewars-Poole Piracy may well be one of the oldest known professions. With roots wrapped around Roman past and Viking exploits, piracy has inspired terror and fantasy for centuries. Today, the word “pirate” brings to mind dashing rebellious male spirits with gold teeth, elaborate coats, and oversized plumed hats. Swords and pistols, handhooks and maps, eye patches and parrots – these are the tools of the trade. Treasure and freedom are the themes. The

5 thoughts on “How to Host a Phantom of the Opera Masquerade Ball

  1. If it fits within your budget, hire an opera singer to perform at the party – including selections from the Phantom of the Opera score and pieces of their choosing. For a less expensive performer alternative, try advertising at the local music school for advanced students who would be interested in performing at an event.

  2. This is awesome advice! I need advice like this becuz
    when 1 is an 11 year old classical music lover, and lives POTO, I like 2 throw masquerades

  3. Oh my lord! I need this. U see, my birthday is near, & I am going to throw a maquerade!

  4. I am 12 turning 13 saw the Phantom of the Opera and read the book. i feel inlove with it. For my birthday I wanted it Phantom of the Opera themed.. This really helped a lot. And for another idea (if your guests are more my aged) you could create masks. thats what we are doing.

  5. Oh my goodness! This is like the perfect way to set up a Phantom of the Opera Masquerade Ball party! I like the idea of how you would make the invitations look like the phantom’s mask! That’s really creative!! I will definitely use that when I have my birthday party!! For my 15th birthday, I want to make my birthday party “Phantom” themed too, just like Francesca. These guidelines really help a lot and I could probably manage to get my birthday party looking like this in no time! Thank you so much! 🙂 Have a “phantastic” day!!!

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