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* Halloween enthusiasts everywhere really, really love the dead. Except when they’re really, really dead. While we may adore the annual taboo-busting festival, actual death just, well…creeps us out. But Victorians took a different view.  They utilized the eerie art of post-mortem photography to dress up, position and memorialize deceased loved ones. This child’s almost-alive look is due to her natural positioning and painted-on eyes. Why Did They Do It? When we lose a dear
* Credit: Rusty Nail Workshop Once again, guest contributor Carolyn Miller gives us an eerie, tech-based treat. Read on to make this cool prop for your own haunt. It’s Halloween! Would you like to spice things up? Make things a little scary? Make your neighbors wonder “What is that creepy thing”? With just a quick touch of glowing red LED eyes, your hum-drum Halloween decorations instantly turn into the scary, creepy, evil things that go
Over jack-o-lanterns that look more toothless than they should and start rotting an hour after you carve them? We were, too. So we went straight to the source: we asked pumpkin carving king Mike Conner of Xtreme Carvers for the scoop. Here are his top 7 tips to amp your carving game. Our Carving Expert The artist at his creepy craft. His art skill is obvious, so pro pumpkin carver Mike Conner surprised us by opening
Oh, sick! And we mean that in all the best ways. We’ve been finding this face pie everywhere, and if you’re a horrorphile, we’ll bet you’ve seen it, too. The problem? We haven’t seen how to make it. Until now! Where the Face Pie Idea Came From It’s hard to say whether the actual idea has been passed around the World Wide Web before this, but the first actual credit we’ve been able to locate
We’re not associated with Spirit Halloween; we’re just die-hard (see what we did there?) fans. So it was with a happy little horrified “squee!” that we came across this AWESOME leaked trailer from the upcoming movie based on the world’s largest Halloween store. There’s no official release date yet besides October 2022, so we know this sneak peak will only wet your weird whistle, but in our opinion, the film looks amazing. It also stars

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