Happy Halloween Magazine, Vol 2 Issue 1

It’s the Next Best Thing to Real-Live Dead Ghouls!
Chicago Animatronics

Unmasking Michael Myers: Christopher Durand

Borley Rectory: The Most Haunted House in England

Celebrating Halloween ‘Round the World


Ghouls at School: Party Drinks

The Ultimate Murder Mystery Party

First Time Thrill

Greg & Beth’s “Haunted” Wedding

Halloween on the Internet

Cliff’s Haunted Projects

Stage Frights Again


Editor’s Column
An Invitation No Ghoul Could Resist
“Halloween Treats….” Book review
by Dusti Lewars

“Haunting” Original Poem by Josh Dillon
Spooktoons by Wendy Schwark
“A Visit from the Boogeyman”
Original Poem by Melissa Fenwick

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