Dark Shadows: The Show a Vampire Saved

Vampire Make-up

Transylvania is Alive and Well…and a Must-See Travel Destination!

A Discussion with Vampirologist Dr. Jeanne Youngson
by Doug Elliott (Part 1 of 2)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – The Chosen One
Our Interview with Joss Whedon

An Evening with the Vampires

A Vision of Vampires: Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles

Happy Halloween Magazine - Key West


Highlights of the 1st Global Halloween Convergence

Eyes in the Bushes
a project by Scott Messinger

Tainted Treats: Debunking the Urban Legend
by Joel Best

Making a Memorable Halloween Birthday Party
by Robin & Mike Schwark

Doug Elliott’s Ghoulishly Fun, Salt-Free, Environmentally-Safe, FDIC-Insured Vampire Trivia Quiz
by Doug Elliott

Cortlandt Hull’s Witch’s Dungeon
Classic Movie Museum

Spotlight on Haunted Houses:
Horror Hotel

Key West’s Halloween Fantasy
by Sheila Wheeler

Portrait of a Professional Ghoul
Neil D’Monte, Illustrator, Conceptual Artist & Actor


Editor’s Column

Shakespearean Witches

Halloween Postal Stamp Campaign

Boo’sness – What’s the Buzz in the Boo Business

‘Twas Halloween Night ‘ – Unknown Author

Spooktoons – Joe Pfeiffer

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