Special Feature: Home Haunting
Moon Gardens by Kelly Walker
The Confession of a Halloween Junkie by G.T. Burton
How To’s: Planning a Home Haunted House or Room (Part 1 of 3) by Sarah Briggs
Arasapha Farm Haunted Hayride & Bates Hotel by Dusti L. Lewars
Lt. Leper’s Boney Heart‚s Blood Halloween Party by Jeff Counihan
Hallowed Haunting Grounds, Studio City, CA by Jeanni Schipper
Bob Burns & Friends Halloween Extravaganzas by Rochelle Santopoalo
Bob Burns‚ Seed of Halloween Inspiration by Jeff Preston
Halloween Story Party by Michael Mayhew
Screams for Charity! by Kathy Marcrum
Headless Horseman Haunted Hayride & Haunted House by Pam Howland
Fun(d)raising: Auctioning a Kid’s Halloween Party by Pam Campbell


Anit’‚s Super Spooky, super Creepy Halloween Tree by Anita Antreassian
Sleepy Hollow, NY by Cathi Venis
JELL-O® Sculpture by Stuart Schneider
A Dickens of a Ghost Story Writer by Sheila Wheeler
Scary Dark Rides by Doug Higley
A Discussion with Vampirologist Dr. Jeanne Youngson (Part 2 of 2) by Doug Elliott
I Haunted GM by Larry Redmond
Haunted History Vampire Tour, New Orleans by Rochelle Santopoalo
Pumpkin Ring Toss Game by Wilhelminia Ripple
Doug Elliott’s Ghoulishly Fun, Salt-Free, Environmentally-Safe, FDIC-Insured Vampire Trivia Quiz and Answers by Doug Elliott
Portrait of a Professional Ghoul: Jack Pierce – The Man Behind the Monsters by Scott Essman


Editor’s Column
Halloween Postal Stamp Campaign
Happy Haunt Hunting; video review by Sheila Wheeler
“Pumpkin Halloween” poem by An Unknown Author
Halloween: Customs, Recipes and Spells; book review by Dusti L. Lewars
Andrew Gold’s Halloween Howls; CD review by Rochelle Santopoalo
“Hallow’s Eve” poem by Tammy Callahan
“Salem’s Eve of Saints” poem by Tammy Callahan
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