Happy Halloween Magazine, Vol 3 Issue 2

Special Feature: Things That Go Bump In The Night
The Haunt (Part 1 of 2) by Mark Butler
John Brown’s Ghost by Kimi McCaulley
Ride, Sally, Ride by Sheila Wheeler
Chicago Haunts by Ursula Bielski
The Haunted Mill by Susan Grow
The Karloff Legacy Lives On: An Interview with Sara Karloff by Gerri Tonti
Ghost Stories & Haunted Places by Troy Taylor
America’s Most Haunted Places by Troy Talor
American Ghost Society Founder, Troy Taylor: An Interview by Tina Reuwsaat

Happy Halloween Magazine, Vol 3 Issue 2

For Your Ghoulification

Halloween in August – Jellystone Campground, Ft. Atkinson, WI by Cathy Reid
Collecting Halloween 12 Months of the Year by Pamela Apkarian-Russell
Mannerless Monsters by Christopher Kaszuba
The House That Ack Built by Michael Mayhew
Clever Costume Creating by Suzanne Singleton
How To’s: Planning a Home Haunted House or Room (Part 2 of 3) by Sara Briggs
Anatomical Chart Struts Its Customer’s Stuff! by Rochelle Santopoalo
Anne Rice’s Savage Garden by Dusti L. Lewars
Community Festival Spotlight: Neewollah, Independence, KS by Steve Wilkin and Debbie Puryear
Snow White Marries – For Real! by Pamela Apkarian-Russell

Happy Halloween Magazine, Vol 3 Issue 2


Editor’s Column
Boo Biz
“A Vampiress’ Story: Bewitched Immortal Love” poem by Sylvia Leigh
Halloween Postal Stamp Campaign

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