Cover: Preparing for their favorite holiday, these impish monsters are fast at work. Can you spot all the ghosts?
Illustration by John Pearson, Frightworld Studios (



Special Feature: Monsters’ Holiday

The Lugosi Legacy Continues: An Interview with Bela G. Lugosi by Gerry Tonti
Halloween’s First Family: The Addams Family by Dusti Lewars-Poole
Charles Addams: Portrait of a Patriarch by Dusti Lewars-Poole
Addams Family Trivia & Filmography by Dusti Lewars-Poole
A Vote for My Favorite Holiday Character by Christopher Schildt
Zombie Make-up by Jesse House

Party Ideas

Quick & Quick-witted Costumes by Sarah Briggs
Nostalgic Candy Trivia by Tony and Cindy Godek
13 Party Tips by Marty Larkin
Eyeball Feast

Home Haunters Haven

Rick Polizzi: Yard Haunter from Hollywood by Doug Ferguson
Making An Army of Skeletons with Very Little $$ by Al J. Vermette
Ultimate Halloween Destinations
Ohio State Reformatory
Hershey’s Chocolate World©

For Your Ghoulification

Advance Scout Xark Reporting on October 31st
Activities on Planet Earth by David Lady
The Man Behind the Cover by Pam Liebson
Bewitched by Cathi Venis
Halloween Collectibles: Vintage vs. Contemporary by Claire Lavin
Halloween Family Classic: Pumpkin Man by Rochelle Santopoalo
Ohio Haunted Conference
Monster Halloween by Marty Larkin
Turning Passion into a Profession: The Story of Hollywood Make-up Artist Todd McIntosh by Renee Pearson


Editor’s Column
Postal Stamp Campaign
Little Bernice
Bizarre Bazaar
Boo Biz
Halloween Alliance Page

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