Cover: Masks are an integral part of how we celebrate Halloween. In donning a mask we are able to both hide and reveal, a powerful combination useful during rituals in nearly all societies around the world and through history.

Artwork by John Pearson, Frightworld Studios, Inc.
See our guide to masks origin in the story “The Truth Behind the Mask.”


Feature Articles

The Truth Behind the Mask by Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Ph.D.
A Brief History of Monster Masks by David R. Lady
Masks From Around the World
Madame Tussaud’s: Bringing the Classic Monsters Back to Life

Ultimate Halloween Destinations

Spooky Sarum by Keith Kellett
Another Tale of Frankenstein by Alf B. Meier
Houdini Historical Center
Los Angeles Live Steamers Ghost Train by Jeanni Schipper

For Your Ghoulification

Barbie: Poster Girl of Halloween? by Dusti Lewars-Poole
Halloween Music: Unearthing Treasures by Mark Harvey
Book Reviews: Tales of the Dark Tower, Edited by Joseph Vargo & Christine Filipak; The Ultimate Halloween, Edited by Marvin Kaye
Duct Tape. . . It’s Halloween Costume on a Roll by Tim Nybert
Haunters Helping Haunters: That’s What Friends are For by Dusti Lewars-Poole
Jack Pierce To Receive Tribute by Scott Essman
The Mistress Serella Diet by Sarah Briggs

Boo-It-Yourself: Tips for the Haunted Handyman

Cemetery Fence Columns by Brent Ross
PVC Posable Armature by David R. Lady


Editor’s Column
Postal Stamp Campaign
Little Bernice
Boo Biz

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