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(Blood)thirsty for more? Pull up a spooky little chair, grab a bloody Mary and let’s get to know one another!

Why hello there, spooky friends!

Come closer.

No.  A little closer than that.

Did those words thrill you rather than chill you? Then you’re one of us already! We’re Melvira (Mel) and Dave, and we call our creepy little collection of DIY articles “Halloween Alliance” for a reason: since 1999, has been the one of the most-visited, most chilling…hell, most deliciously dark and twisted DIY holiday sites on the web.

And that’s because we welcome you to submit your ideas…so we can all be just a li’l offbeat together. With hundreds of articles, including how-tos, scary stories, movie and events heads-up, krazysexycool dress-up ideas and more, you’ll find everything you need to freak your friends out right here.

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Wondering how we got so twisted? Well, so are our therapists, but we can at least help you with clarifying who we are…and how we plan to help you scare strangers and besties alike to death this Halloween – and every year. 

Dave and Mel have been making the air around them just a little bit murkier since 2002, when they tied the noose in Las Vegas, NV.

As children, each always knew there was another half out there (preferably one with torn and oozing edges). They found one another and the rest is some very dark history.

Building year-on-year by making phreaky phriends with some of the most lost minds on the web, Dave and Mel began writing for in 2007. Eventually they (malicious laugh) took it over. Today the creepy couple scour the world and the web to bring you fun, funny and frightening party ideas, costumes, ghost stories, interviews, and more. 

ABOUT HALLOWEENALLIANCE.COM is the Halloween and paranormal enthusiast’s one-stop resource for the super-scary, the super-creative, and the crazy-ass cheap.

Founded in 1999, went web-ish and underwent some spooky new changes in 2007. Since then the company has grown to a luridly lovable following and has a presence across the social stratosphere. 

Put together your BEST scares for less by following our easy, fun tutorials. Gather ideas by category or just browse. 

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Stay scary!

Love, Sir David and Melvira

Los Angeles, CA