Make These CREEPY Glowing Eyes

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Credit: Rusty Nail Workshop

Once again, guest contributor Carolyn Miller gives us an eerie, tech-based treat. Read on to make this cool prop for your own haunt.

It’s Halloween! Would you like to spice things up? Make things a little scary? Make your neighbors wonder “What is that creepy thing”?

With just a quick touch of glowing red LED eyes, your hum-drum Halloween decorations instantly turn into the scary, creepy, evil things that go bump in the night.

The glowing eyes trick is easy to install, and so affordable; it won’t be your pocket book screaming in terror on Halloween!

This trick is very simple, but first you need the parts. You will need:

  • A 9 Volt Battery
  • (2) red LED assemblies
  • (optional) a simple on/off switch
  • Any small wire lying around the house. Where can you find these items? You can find these at your local electronics store. In this example, the materials were all found at Radio Shack. You can visit the local store, or order online.

All you simple need to do is drill a hole through the object you wish put the LED eyes into. Then insert the LED assembly into the hole. There is a nut that will help fasten the LED assembly body to the surface of the hole.

Once you do that, you will need to wire the LED’s positive (red wires) together, and the negative (black wires together). This will create a parallel circuit. Connect the Red wires to the + side of the 9 volt battery, use glue or solder to keep it in place.

The black wires will attach to one side of the switch in a terminal or prong, use glue or solder to keep it in place. Take any extra spare wire and glue or solder it to the other side of the switch’s prong or terminal. Finally, attach the extra wire to the – side of the 9 volt battery by glue or solder.

Once you complete the circuit, you can turn on your evil eyes anytime with the toggle switch. The LED light have a long extended life and drains very little battery power, so feel free to leave on your scary eyes as long as you wish. Boo!

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