The 10 Most Iconic Horror Movie Moms

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With Mother’s Day coming up, the twisted brains at Halloween Alliance came up with the following hat-tip to each the most deliciously terrifying moms in Hollywood history. Happy Mother’s Day…and psst: don’t forget to send flowersor else.

(Click on the title below for a synopsis of each movie.)

1. Margaret White from Carrie (1976 and 2013)

“They’re all gonna laugh at you!” Who can forget this wonderfully warped church mommy to crazy Carrie? Okay, so Mrs. White made her mistakes, but she did take a stab at getting motherhood right.

2. Norma Bates from Psycho (1960 and 1998)

Sixty years after her movie debut, Norman’s mother is still one of the scariest movie progenitors we’ve ever encountered, and she doesn’t even have to do the killing herself to make us duck for cover.

3. Pamela Voorhees from Friday the 13th (1980 and Franchise)

In Psycho, you thought it was the mother but it was actually the son. Sort of. In the first of the Friday the 13th movies, you thought it was the son but it was actually the mother. Sort of. Props for yet another mind-hump in Hollywood horror.

4. “The Queen” from Aliens (1986)

How much harm can one little Mother’s Day kiss do? Probably not much, as long as you keep your mouth closed.

5. Joan Crawford from Mommie Dearest (1981)

The book and movie were controversial and were refuted by two of Joan’s other children, who were never named in either (though Carol Ann seems to have a lot to say). But we prefer this version. No wire hangers…EVER.

6. Edith Brennan from Mama (2013)

Who loves ya, baby? This mother’s love gets a little, well, carried away. Look, Edith only wants what’s best for her child: a reasonably quick death at her own hands. Whatever…it’s complicated.

7. Grace Stewart from The Others (2001)

Here’s another mom whose love kills. She doesn’t look scary, but make sure you make your own bed tonight; don’t leave that to Grace. ‘Cause we’re sort of worried the isolation is getting to her.

8. Mother from Mother’s Day (1980)

The 80s: material girls, giant dude-pants and apparently, beloved sons who brought home innocent people for Mom to torture. And you only sent crappy flowers from Trader Joe’s. Feel bad now?

9. Missy Armitage from Get Out (2017)

Tea, anyone? Careful, you might just be staying a while…and the accommodations might get a little cramped.

10. Dren from Splice (2009)

“Mommy, tell me the story of how I was conceived. Where did you meet my Daddy?” Uh…it’s complicated. (Again.)





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