Not Your Mama’s Costume Wigs

Halloween wigs would be awesome if they weren’t so, I don’t know…wiggy. But who has a hundred bucks to drop on a one-day-wear ‘do?

We uncovered the most gorgeous low-and mid-price wigs out there.

To see details, click on the pic. Want more realism? Check out our Pimp Your Wig tips at the end of this article.

Harley Quinn Redux: $29.99

Harley Quinn wig with short pigtails

Look who’s all grown up! This ombre with short pigtails is a cool take on the bad-girl classic. The shadow root (in nearly-black) gives a little realism to this surprisingly inexpensive choice.

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Ghostly ‘n Gorg: $20.69

black to gray ombre cosplay wig

We nearly dropped dead when we saw the price. Luckily, you don’t have to; instead you can just look the part. This amazing silvery-grey ombre is chilling AND hot. Cool!

Black Widow (Avengers): $18.99

Black Widow Natasha's red wig

After the original Iron Man movie, Natasha Romanova’s gorgeous locks got a trim…and a shot of sophistication. This topper caps off your superhero costume with ginger sex appeal.

Wonder-Ful Waves: $48.34

dark curly Wonder Woman wig

WOW, does this Wonder Woman lookalike hair deliver. It can be gently heat-styled, so it’s easy to get Diana’s pulled-out beach waves. Got a tiara? Done!

(Oh) Baby Pink: $43.88

baby pink long wavy cosplay wig

Innocence again…defiled, just the way we like it. This gorgeous ‘do can be styled any way you like and has a realistic lace front. Cosplay the night away…who’s gonna know?

Jessica Rabbit Red: $19.99

long red wine colored wavy cosplay wig

This burgundy tone takes Jessica into the 20th century. We just can’t stop staring at it. If you don’t mind having that effect on…well, everybody, we recommend grabbing this cosplay steal.

Lucky, Lucky You: $19.99

curly brown and black natural wig

Some girls have all the luck…and the amazeballs hair! Grab this wig, a brush (proceed gently!) and go full Domino from Deadpool. Pick out or comb random curls for a just-kicked-ass look.

That’s Faery Gorgeous: $24.97

black purple and pink cosplay wig

Just…wow. No bleaching or Punky Colours required (though we love that second one)…just a huge mane of faery-colored ombre locks. We’re sold!

(Mer)made Just for You: $16.99

long straight seaweed green mermaid wig

Seaweed never looked this good. Check it out: there’s a straight version (very Russian spy!) plus a mermaid-waves choice. At that price, why not just grab one of each?

A Very Reanimated Wedding: $29.99

black and white split ombre wig

The Bride of Frankenstein had iconic, giant beehive hair. We have a different take. Today, she’d be two-toned, of course – but with a kick. Try this wig with a split personality to liven up the party.

Pimp Your Wig

Are you seeing what we’re seeing? That’s right: the wigs that are modeled by real people look WAY more natural than the mannequin-topped pics.

Before you say “that’s marketing – they all lie!” (we can’t really argue with that), realize that many cosplayers revamp their inexpensive wigs to make them look less wig-like.

Try these tips:

  1. With tweezers, GENTLY pluck hairs at the hairline. Don’t grab a bunch at a time; go slowly. You don’t necessarily have to go all the way back on the head. Widening the part near the front instantly gives a more natural look.
  2. Dab concealer makeup along the part you’ve just made. Choose a shade that’s close to your own skin color. It will give the illusion that your own scalp is under all that wild gorgeousness.
  3. A big part of what makes a costume wig look fake is the plastic-y shine. Spray with dry shampoo or dust with baby powder (for light-colored hair) or dry cocoa (for dark hair – yes, really) to tone it down.
  4. The hairline tends to be a wig’s dead giveaway. Unless your wig has a lace front, try hiding the front with a headpiece – such as a tiara – or a scarf. You can also top your faux locks with a hat.
  5. Painting “baby hairs” at the hairline can blend the wig into a more natural look. Choose a liquid eyeliner in a shade close to the wig and gently wisp hairs along your temples.
  6. Most costume wigs come out of the box or bag looking too perfect. For curls, GENTLY use a pick to pull a few locks out here and there. For straight wigs, use a wide-toothed comb and again, be gentle. Most faux wigs will go very frizzy if you yank.
  7. If the wig matches your hair color, you can always pull two “wings” of your own hair – your money pieces, if you have a balayage – from the temple area and pin them back into the wig hair. This will cover the wig’s hairline with real locks, making your finished ‘do look super-realistic.




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