Pucker Up With These Killer Halloween Lip Looks

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We know lips are usually sweet. But the ones we’ve dug up just for you have a li’l bit of bite. Check out these hella haute pensive puckers. You may just want to try one out under that mask this year. (Come on – surprise ’em!)

(NOTE: We’d love to credit the amazing artists for each, but we found them on Pinterest user feeds. Click the URL after each pic for info on each incredible look.)

It’s NOT What You Think

snake lip art

Who needs lipstick when you can have a lipsnake instead? The kicker: it’s NOT real 3D. It’s an absolutely amazeballs work of art. Cosmopolitan

The Devil’s in the Details

devil lip gloss

No. Literally. Put some brimstone in your beauty this Halloween and inspire impure thoughts – you know you want to.  breanneloertscher295

Oh, Eye Get It

Halloween lips that look like an open eye

Eek. When even we’re scared, you KNOW it’s good. Look out – you’re going to grab more than one person’s eye with this creepy costume makeup. dr_mpalmer 

Not So Hard! Wait, NVM. Hard is Fine

gold colored sharp studs on lip art

Ow! But we forgive you. The cool thing about this scary style is that you can choose any color combo you want – it’ll be phreaky no matter what. taallaura

Bat-‘Er Up

black and red halloween lip makeup with bats

Wow…midnight, creepy creatures and a bloom of blood-red color…we love it! Try this one yourself with two-tone gloss and an extra-fine eyeliner pen.  southerngrl212

Frank-ly Hawt

Frankenstein Halloween stitched lips

You’ll look put together with this sewn-effect lip art. By the way, it really complements great hair. Oh, yeah…and congrats to you and Mr. Stein! kstevensonrktaggd

Whoops! You Missed a Drop

costume lipstick that looks like a blood drop

Lestat complimented Claudia on “…not a drop spilt.” We guess he never looked in the mirror during a feed, because this look is to die for. peachesinacan

Itsy Bitsy Beautiful

spiderman Halloween face makeup with tiny spider and web

We know they’ll get caught up when you walk into the party sporting these. Weave our own web of Halloween delights…but just for one night. ashlyotero0065



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