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Deliver “ZOMG” with more than your treat buckets this year.

No. Seriously. It’s a thing.


Since the dawn of all things spooky and celebratory, it seems that sexy Halloween costumes for women have been, well, a bit of a rite of passage.

We have nothing against that; spicy + spooky can definitely = fun. In recent years, though, “sexy” Halloween garb has gotten increasingly preposterous (sexy goldfish?) and not-in-a-good-way inappropriate (sexy Handmaid? Yep…it’s a thing).

Want threads that’ll turn heads in a whole new way for Halloween 2019? Try the following very unexpected Halloween costumes on for size. (Psst: A few ARE sexy…but twisty, too. ‘Cause sometimes…you just gotta have both.)

Political (In)Correctness

If you’ve been obsessing over the Democratic primary and following the debates, you might already have the perfect costume inspiration right in front of you – and you may have the components in your closet.

He’s just mad because Elizabeth thought of it first.

Elizabeth Warren has cultivated a signature look that’s polished but comfortable. Don black pants, a black top, and a jewel-toned blazer or cardigan, and accessorize with sensible black ballet flats, rimless glasses, and small stud earrings. And definitely don’t forget the wig! Make it a little more costume-y with campaign buttons and a ream of paper emblazoned with the word PLANS.

If political correctness isn’t your thing, then you can reach for this rabble-rousing idea instead: a “No Lives Matter” shirt featuring Halloween’s psycho killer Michael Myers is spooky and edgy.

Picture Perfect Costumes

The subject of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is renowned for being perhaps the most famously enigmatic woman of all time. You too can embody her in this clever framed Mona Lisa Halloween costume. Just place your face and hair in the frame, and you’ll be a work of art.

Would you rather lean into your sense of humor for Halloween? Channel your inner awkward third grader with a fun DIY costume. Create a very nineties school photo backdrop (we recommend something with lasers) on a piece of posterboard, and style yourself with your finest scrunchies and chunky sweater.

Chilling Like A Villainess

In horror movies, it seems like female characters are usually victims or heroines. But there are some iconic female baddies you can channel in this year’s Halloween costume. Here are just a few:

  • Samara from The Ring: A Victorian-style nightgown, a long dark wig, and creepy movie-inspired makeup is all you need to embody one of the most horrifying girls in cinematic history.
  • Annabelle from The Conjuring universe: Okay, she may actually be a doll, but Annabelle is creepy enough that she inspired her own spin-off film series. And the costume based on the character is pretty freaking unsettling, too.
  • Asami from Audition: Part of what makes Asami so unnerving is the way she wields her delicate femininity as a weapon. Pair a crisp white blouse and modest white skirt with a butcher apron and elbow-length gloves to embody this meticulous killer.
  • Esther from Orphan: What’s creepier than a little girl as a horror movie villain? A grown-up woman pretending to be a little girl as a horror movie villain. A prim pinafore, severe pigtails, and ribbons around your wrists and throat make a simple but spine-tingling costume.

They All Float Down Here (and Scream in There)

None of those female villains up your alley? You can always gender bend by portraying femme versions of traditionally male-portrayed horror villains including Jigsaw and Pennywise.

Ready? Grab your spookiest, most shocking, or most controversial gear and haunt this Halloween with your own surprising threads.

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