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We love holidays so much (yes, even the C-word!) that we’ve made the BIG decision to expand!

Here’s the idea:

Halloween Alliance was registered in 1999. Sir David and Melanie entered the creepy picture in 2007. Then in 2018 we were SO EXCITED to finally buy the site from our associate.

Now that it’s 2019 and we have a stronger presence than ever (thank you so very much!), we’re making the move to include all the holidays you go nuts all over – just like we do. Each has a Halloween lover’s twist. Yeah…we’ve got you, boo!

Have a great idea for a holiday article? Check out our Submission Guidelines. Be sure to watch this space for more holiday fun. Plus like us on Facebook to get updates, memes and more.

Happy holidays…and stay spooky, supa-fine, and always, always celebratory…no matter how you get your holidays on!

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