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Home Depot’s Halloween Items are Out!

scary Halloween animatronics

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Nothing says “it’s a hundred degrees out” like a chilly lineup of haunting Halloween items.

That’s right: it’s that time of year when everyone (and I mean everyone) stares at we of the Halloween community and say, “You’re thinking about Halloween now? Are you crazy?”

Why yes, we are, thanks for asking! And just to prove it, when Melvira saw that Home Depot was already unboxing creepy animatronics and displays, she JUMPED to post. Here’s what she likes most about this year’s deader-is-better lineup at Home Depot.

Ready-Made Lawn Displays

My debit card burst into helpless sobs when I saw these. Yes, this year HD is making money even easier to spend with ready-made displays where you can buy, one, two, or all (I’m going with that one) of the items to totally haunt your lawn.

Click the montage pic to be taken to the home page, then grab the ghoulish collection that’s your fave:

halloween decorations

Cemetery Stuff

What yard isn’t made better with a few tombstones? We think they should be on display year-round, but right now you can get your fill at HD. Click to see what they’ve unearthed (heh!) just for you:


cemetery tombstones from home depot

These Animatronics are a Little Too Undead

Nothing dead should move around THIS much. Check out awesome animatronics you can grab on your way out the gigantic double-doors with your lawn turf and roach spray.scary Halloween animatronics

Get Some. No. Get Some More

Naturally, HD claims everything is on sale. On the other hand, for any non-nuts individual (that leaves us out!), Halloween is “still ages away!” so prices are probably at a lower point.

If you can’t find what you want in-store, check their website and see what tickles your scarybone.

You may be melting (depending upon where you live), but folks…Halloween IS coming. Who’s excited? We know we are!

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