We love holidays so much (yes, even the C-word!) that we’ve made the BIG decision to expand! Here’s the idea: Halloween Alliance was registered in 1999. Sir David and Melanie entered the creepy picture in 2007. Then in 2018 we were SO EXCITED to finally buy the site from our associate. Now that it’s 2019 and we have a stronger presence than ever (thank you so very much!), we’re making the move to include all
Just in time to catch those post-Halloween blues, Halloween Alliance is expanding to Holiday Alliance. That’s right: we have the same name you know, love and scare your neighbors with, but now we’ll be highlighting holidays 365 days a year. (Was that scream from joy or fear? Either way, we’re happy!) Watch this space – and party on, Dead!
Horrors! It’s practically Halloween, and the kids are screaming for a non-slasher. (Where did those kids come from, anyway? Certainly not your body.) Who you gonna call? Try the Auburn Hollow kids. Gathered together as reluctant (but very sassy, smart and uniquely touching) heroes, these four cartoon kiddies are saving Halloween…and earning the love of households all over America. Check Out the Trailer Yes, that’s right: there’s a brand-new soon-to-be Halloween classic in town. Called
There are countless haunted attractions throughout the United States. For our money, these are are some of the most spooktacular. Grab a friend, your guts and of course, your phone (you HAVE to catch your BFF’s reactions!) or brave it yourself at these totally haunted Halloween 2019 destinations. ESP has seen some scary ISH. Visitors say they can feel the vibes. Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary Eastern State Penitentiary (which is, appropriately
With Halloween only a few weeks away, it’s a great time to take a few days off and go on a thrilling adventure. Here are some of the spookiest travel destinations you can visit for a good scare: Credit: Don Hollycross Photography Colonial Williamsburg (Williamsburg, VA) This living history museum in Virginia is a popular tourist destination that thousands of holidaymakers and history buffs visit each year. Here, dedicated actors live and portray daily life