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Won’t somebody please think of the little monsters? These 7 famous horror movie dads definitely did…no matter what the cost. We’re sure your own dad is amazing. But just for a moment, indulge us and admit it: you wish your parents would go this distance for you. To all the dads out there: Happy Father’s Day…and stay your own semi-demented selves, always. We love ya! 1. Andrew McGee from Firestarter (1984) Are you kidding? My
With Mother’s Day coming up, the twisted brains at Halloween Alliance came up with the following hat-tip to each the most deliciously terrifying moms in Hollywood history. Happy Mother’s Day…and psst: don’t forget to send flowers – or else. (Click on the title below for a synopsis of each movie.) 1. Margaret White from Carrie (1976 and 2013) “They’re all gonna laugh at you!” Who can forget this wonderfully warped church mommy to crazy Carrie?
Horrors! It’s practically Halloween, and the kids are screaming for a non-slasher. (Where did those kids come from, anyway? Certainly not your body.) Who you gonna call? Try the Auburn Hollow kids. Gathered together as reluctant (but very sassy, smart and uniquely touching) heroes, these four cartoon kiddies are saving Halloween…and earning the love of households all over America. Check Out the Trailer Yes, that’s right: there’s a brand-new soon-to-be Halloween classic in town. Called
Review: Author Larry R. Johnson Jr. Unveils ‘Handbook for the Aspiring Haunt Actor’ Do you love screams, laughter and once in a while, an uncontrolled pants-wetting before your very eyes? (And we’re not just talking about the kids.) As a youngster, while the other children were dreaming of becoming firefighters or teachers, were you the kid daydreaming that one day, you’d be Freddy Krueger? Do you live to see someone handsome or gorgeous made horrific
Image:   With home prices on an upswing, it’s downright frightening for wannabe buyers right now in the world of real estate. But things just got even scarier with the announcement that the infamous Bran Castle – the legendary digs associated with the late Prince Vlad Dracul – is up for sale. As most horror (and history) fanatics know, Dracul was the inspiration for Brahm Stoker’s 1897 novel Dracula, which spawned movies, books and

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