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girl carving pumpkin on Halloween
  Last October, a friend and I went Halloween candy shopping together. As I tossed bag after extra large-size bag of candy into my cart, my friend stared at me. “Do you really need that much candy?” she asked. “I don’t want to have to run out again at nine o’clock at night for more candy for the stragglers,” I explained. “Oh,” she waved away, “it’s always the older kids who come later. I turn
Halloween has long been a time for pushing the envelope and exploring topics that would otherwise be taboo. With that in mind, it may not be so odd that Spirit Halloween has announced it will launch a Caitlyn Jenner  costume for the 2015 season. No surprise that a controversial subject is being capitalized on by a major retailer – but is it acceptable? The internet is blowing up with disagreements on the subject, but Spirit is standing behind
Image: With Halloween on the horizon, neighborhoods everywhere will shortly be littered with big orange pumpkins. (What a welcoming and awesome sight!) Image: “Sad Pumpkin” by Michelle Milla In the weeks leading up to the holiday, the sight of these happy, silly, freaky or iconic faces will bring joy and excitement – leading up to the frenzy of The Big Day. However, come November 1, all of those pumpkins will – as if by
Image: Flickr/Trey Ratcliff What’s going on at the docked Queen Mary? Plenty – and it’s all coming from long-deceased guests who never checked out, according to reports. Visitors report thumps, childish giggles, and heart-stopping apparitions. Read on for a history of the ship, info on the annual Dark Harbor attraction, plus loads of spine-chilling ghost sighting tales to keep you up at night. * Long Beach, CA is home to creepy haunt, hotel and carnival
Look, we’re not hating. After all, vampires are people too. (Or…they were.) But here’s the thing: we’ve seen the old Hammer films, and we are NOT taking any chances. (Are you?) Here’s how to stake out (see what we did there?) your quarry and put those hungry vamps where they belong. Read on for the scary scoop of mythical ways to kill vampires. * Hauntingly pale with long canines for biting into flesh, vampires are, in common
  1. I go all out at Hallowe’en, with a big yard display, and started doing this when we moved here 12 years ago. Many of my neighbors were 6 or 7 at that time, and will still come by. My rule is, if you come to my house dressed up, even if all you wear is a mask, you get candy by the handfuls (and I buy the good stuff). If you DON’T dress up, you get ONE piece of candy. I explain this and say if I go to all this effort to make my house fun to view and visit, the least you can do is make an effort to be a part of the spirit. One tween, about 13 or 14, came to my house all dressed up, and reminded me that she had come the year before without a costume of any kind, and got only one piece of candy. She had told her mother when she got back in the car, and her mother said she thought that was fair.

    I figure these older kids are the ones who will be doing the yard haunts in the future, and I want them to have as good a time as any other kiddo out there. Heck, I give candy to the parents who dress up, and offer cups of hot cider to all the adults who come by. Hallowe’en should be fun for all!

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