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About Us

At Halloween Alliance, our goals are simple:

  • To provide a network for Halloween lovers who are hopelessly in love with Halloween, and
  • To promote a positive view of Halloween, a time when fantasy & festival come together to create the Greatest Play Day of the Year.

To help us reach these goals we:

  • Publish relevant and interesting content celebrating Halloween…the greatest play day of the year!
  • Published and currently archive Happy Halloween Magazine (1998-2002), designed to help Halloween fans explore the fantasy… and discover the possibilities.
  • We now offer HallowZeen, our free online newsletter delivered straight to your inbox!
  • Specialize in publishing ‘How to’ articles for fun and exciting Halloween crafts, props and decorations!
  • Sponsored the Global Halloween Convergence (like a convention but a whole lot more fun!).

puppy dog costumeWho is Behind Halloween Alliance?

Halloween Alliance originally supported a national print magazine called “Happy Halloween,” edited by Rochelle Santopoalo.

Today it is a free informational website on all things Halloween, edited by Chris Molnar, a full-time work-at-home Dad. With contributions by Sarah Briggs (an original writer with the print magazine), ScreamingScarecrow (a near neighbor and former co-worker – Chris lends a hand and other body parts to help construct his massive home haunt every October) and many other talented writers Chris meets and browbeats with a foam zombie hand into giving up their Halloween secrets, we hope to continue publishing exciting and creative information for many years to come!

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