2017’s Best Movie Couple Costumes


Well hey there, gorgeous. You ought to be in pictures! Fictional on-screen lovers (and sometimes, nemeses) have always been popular for Halloween parties and sometimes, for private dressup (don’t worry, we’ll never tell).

If you’re wondering what couples costume theme to choose for 2017, check out the movies that were hits – plus a few that never quite “got there” yet left enduring images for you to emulate this Halloween. 

Here are our favorite fictional couples from this year’s marquees, plus hacks to get you started on creating your own perfectly paired getup. (Or if you’re short on time, click the orange links for steals on these awesome costumes!)



Credit: Pinterest, hanna dunlap

We laughed at it years ago when it was a series, yet we couldn’t look away. The same thing happened when Baywatch blew up as a 2017 movie. Be specific Baywatch characters (CJ is iconic, for example) or focus on the Hollywood star aspect (we CAN smell what the Rock is cookin’).

YOUR HACKS: Go thrift shopping for 80s throwback jackets and not-quite-long-enough men’s shorts. Find a plain sleeveless leotard and dye it red – check your local dollar store to see if they have Rit or another brand. (The same goes for the men’s shorts, by the way.) Grab a pair of shades, tease your hair to gigantic proportions and you’re good to go. For the 2017 version, look for a long-sleeve, zip-down leotard. If it’s a lighter color, you can dye it red.

Spider-Man and Mary Jane, Michelle or Liz


Credit: Kanani Whitt Photography

The movies have gone through many incarnations, interpretations and outfits, but the gist is the same: for the Man himself, go for a giant-eyed hood and either red, blue or black tights and top. For Spider-Man’s squeeze, choose either traditional red-headed Mary Jane from the comic books and several movie interpretations, Liz from 2017’s “Spider-Man: Homecoming” or for extra fun, the hilariously emo and definitely secretly crushing Michelle.

YOUR HACKS: Yes, they sell guy’s tights. Grab a blue pair and stretch red socks over them. Wear a tight red shirt and red gloves. Get creative and draw webbing with a fabric pen. For Liz: go 2017 girly casual. For Michelle: find a curly wig on the cheap on Amazon or ebay and pair with anything black. For Mary Jane: temporarily dye your hair red with Manic Panic or buy a red wig and wear retro clothing. Don’t forget to go for that kiss!

Rey and Finn


We know…we love them too, and everyone at the party will love YOU even if you don’t bring your own little BB8 as shown (awww!).

YOUR HACKS: Plastic Star Wars weaponry is available everywhere – even dollar and thrift shops. Although several of the weapons from this extension of the Star Wars franchise are iconic, if you’re on a budget, any Star Wars shooter should do. Finn’s jacket can be tougher; again we’re going to recommend thrift shops or Goodwill. Fabric glue strips of material to decorate. For Rey, wear your hair in descending messy buns. Strap neutral-colored fabric along your arms and around your waist. Dye a plain tunic beige or repurpose a garment you won’t be wearing anymore by cutting out the sleeves and adding a brown scarf as your belt.

King Kong and Brie


Credit: popsugar.com 

These two have been a hot item since 1933 and have paired up once again for “King Kong: Skull Island.” “Monkey” (in this case, technically gorilla) suits are always popular for Halloween – for some reason, we’re fascinated with them – but we recommend renting, not buying, unless you plan on taking New York and that hot party by storm year after year.

YOUR HACKS: For Brie, style your hair in curls and a retro “golden days of Hollywood” front side flip. Find a cocktail dress on ebay or Goodwill and add some costume pearls. Add a giant hand; get crafty and papier-mache one over a series of balloons which you can pop and then paint the exterior once everything has dried. Duct tape or vinyl pieces are other options for this effect. For Kong: as we said, rent, don’t buy, unless you can find a steal on ebay.

Medieval Couple (Based on “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword”)


Credit: Pinterest, stacyreeves.com

We were brokenhearted when 2017’s King Arthur was proclaimed a flop – until we saw how many individuals and couples are ALREADY getting geared up in medieval threads in preparation for Halloween this year! Arthur is legendary in every way, with or without his princess Guinevere (she was absent in this first of the movie series franchise), and best of all, he NEVER needs to be historically accurate, so get into anything middle ages/knights and ladies fair for this idea.

YOUR HACKS: A tunic belted with a tied scarf is very medieval knight. Fabric-glue pieces in the shape of a cross or dragon. Add a plastic sword from the dollar store. If you can locate one, wear a faux crown. You can also go pre-king with an open plain shirt, a Goodwill faux leather or woven jacket with the sleeves cut out and plain black or brown pants. For Guinevere or for a fascinating twist, Morgana: Find a long cocktail dress at the Goodwill and belt it with a cheap non-boned bustier; check ebay for this. You can also belt the tunic with a long, draping scarf. If you’d like, add an outer-skirt and tuck one side toward the front into the waistband of your belt so the under-color shows through. Put flowers in your hair.

Gamora and Peter

We know they’ll be getting together at SOME point. Make the wait less excruciating by dressing as Gamora and Peter Quill from “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2” this Halloween.

YOUR HACKS: Be careful, as some people have sensitive skin, but if you’re not prone to breakouts or reactions, go to your local dollar store for plenty of green Halloween pan makeup and a black makeup crayon. Wear your tightest black jeans and a tight tank top. For Peter, if you’re crafty, make and paint a papier-mache mask; if not, a wealth of Peter masks is expected to be out this year. You can also go natural as bare-faced Peter. Wear black pants and a faux leather jacket; choose a wide belt and add boots.

Belle and Adam (Beauty and Beast)


We all dream of that gorgeous yellow ballgown or Adam’s amazing “you rich beast, you” coat, but you can still get in on the unlikely yet enduring romance without breaking the royal coffers.

YOUR HACKS: For Belle (Beauty): Go thrift store hunting and find a plain white shirt and any light-colored jumper. Dye the jumper blue with dye from the dollar store. Buy white stockings while you’re there – you only need them to last for one night, after all. Curl your hair and tie it back in a ribbon. For Adam: wear a large, partially unbottoned wide-sleeve shirt and casual brown or black pants. Cut these jaggedly at the wrists and ankles. Wear a wig or wild your own hair out with gel. Pick up a cheap makeup palette and create a fuzzy facial look. Add plastic fangs if you’d like.

Jack Sparrow and…Whomever

Credit: coolest-homemade-costumes.com

Jack is never quite “with” anybody, yet there’s electricity between him and a variety of damsels and female pirates (and even an otherworldy creature or two) throughout the franchise. This time around, in “Dead Men Tell No Tales,” the feisty movie beauty was Carina, but other exceptional “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise females have included Elizabeth Swan, the goddess Calypso, the mermaid Syrena and Angelica.

YOUR HACKS: Elizabeth was known for her gold-colored gown. If you’re going full Elizabeth, we recommend that you rent rather than buy this costume, which can run to the pricey side. For any of the other characters, including Elizabeth’s various pirate costumes throughout the series, combine a retro 70s long skirt from the thrift shop with a wide belt and a tight, low top or a budget bustier/corset. Wear your hair half-up and hanging down in curls or find budget extensions or a wig. For Calypso and Carina, add steampunk accessories like leather and boots. For Jack: Jack Sparrow dreds are so well-known you can actually buy hats that include them, glued to the inside brim. If you have long hair, braid your own and add beads. Wear a large, wide-sleeved top, unbuttoned as low as you dare. TIP: a large-size elastic band (do NOT let this compromise our circulation) around the wrists “puffs” them out in a very 17th-century style. Wear slightly baggy pants, boots and put a plastic pistol into your waistband (which you can create with a simple scarf).


BEST OF: Pinterest Halloween Food Ideas


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Pinterest is so full of awesome Halloween food ideas, it’s almost scary! And although some take a culinary degree and top-notch baking and decorating equipment (you’ve seen them too!), there are others that really aren’t hard to make – and that are downright devilishly delish.

With that said, here are 13 GREAT Pinterest-inspired Halloween recipes for your ghoulish gathering!

Bowl of Worms

These are really simple. They’re basically very firm Jell-O Jigglers, poured into ribbed straws. With the correct food coloring ratio, they really do look like earthworms. Experiment; make red wigglers, black crawlers or multicolored just-for-fun bug-a-boos. Pinterest, onelittleproject.com. Recipe is here.


Spider Web Taco Dip

The reason this recipe is SO easy is that you can add anything you want to it as long as you have the web and the spider! The web is created out of sour cream. After mixing your dip ingredients of choice, dollop sour cream in the center. Drag outward with a toothpick. Then drag horizontally for the cross-sections of the web. Alternate method: use a pastry squeeze tube/carrot bag to create the sour cream web. Add a faux spider to the center.


Severed Finger Hot Dogs

All you need to do to get this gruesomely realistic look is to cut into the hot dog and cut away the area for teh fingernail. Then cook. So easy! The recipe is here.


Rice Krispie Treat Pumpkins

You know them and love them, now try pumpkin-shaped Rice Krispie treats! Simply add yellow and red food coloring to get a light orange, mix into your Rice Krispie Treats recipe, mold gently in your hands to create the shape and add a Rollos candy to the top. The cute leaf is a green M&M or Skittles candy.


Jack Skellington Pops

There’s a bit more of a learning curve here but these come out surpisingly cute! The mouth and eyes are iconically Jack Skellington. These are super-fun for a child’s party and of course, they’re delicious. The recipe is here.


Pizza Skulls

We’re pretty sure these are going to be Halloween 2017’s “it” recipe. And they’re SO easy! Simply stuff premade crust into a skull baking pan (we recommend Nordicware) and bake. Find the recipe here.


Vampire Hot Chocolate

Mmmm! These hot chocolate treats are bloody good (and easy to prepare). Read the recipe here.


Vampire’s Kiss Shots


Blend raspberries and add ingredients in order…done! Try different drink combinations, too. This is a very flexible recipe. Yum!

Inside Out Caramel Apples

These were popular last year and they’re making a reappearance…and with good reason: they’re the EASIEST (and coolest-looking) way to eat a traditional treat. Caramel + apples + easy = win! Here’s the recipe.


Easy Jack o’Lantern Burgers

Any time we see “easy” in a recipe title, we’re there. This one is literally as simple as pressing a jack o’lantern-shaped cookie cutter into a cheese slice (or carefully free-hand cutting). Top a nearly-cooked burger and melt just slightly. Done!


Slashed Cupcakes

The principle here is a gooey-looking filling along with a contrasting color icing (which is why white is perfect). Slash and the goo shows through. The recipe is here.


Sugar Skull Fruit Pizza

It’s so easy to get healthy fruit into kids this Halloween season that it’s scary! Just try this easy recipe, adding fruits your kidslove.


Easy Floating Hand Punch

There’s that “easy” again, and they’re not kidding. Mix up your favorite party punch. While it’s sitting in the fridge with flavors mingling, fill a non-latex glove 3/4 of the way with water and place in the freezer with the finger tips down if possible (hang the glove for the best result). The water expands into the glove as it freezes into ice. Peel away the glove and add to the punch bowl.