Is it Too Late to Save Halloween? Not at All, Say This Show’s Producers

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Horrors! It’s practically Halloween, and the kids are screaming for a non-slasher. (Where did those kids come from, anyway? Certainly not your body.)

Who you gonna call?

Try the Auburn Hollow kids. Gathered together as reluctant (but very sassy, smart and uniquely touching) heroes, these four cartoon kiddies are saving Halloween…and earning the love of households all over America.

Check Out the Trailer

Yes, that’s right: there’s a brand-new soon-to-be Halloween classic in town. Called Costume Quest after the popular RPG game, this adorable and quirky cartoon has grabbed the hearts of watchers and critics alike. (In fact, IMBD has this newcomer at a solid 7.2 stars right out of the gate -not bad, CQ, not bad.)

Here’s the trailer:

The “Next Halloween Perennial”

While Costume Quest’s theme is geared toward children up to middle school age, we laughed out loud (not LOL’d -actual laughter) at the smart writing and cool artwork in what many are saying is the next great Halloween perennial.

Kids love it because it’s colorful, fast-moving and casts four of their very own as heroes. Parents like the tongue-in-cheek style coupled with an old fashioned, genuine Halloween vibe, plus plenty of silliness along the way.

Our opinion and bottom line: there are lots of tricks and a whole lot of treat to this awesome show.

What’s it All About?

The gist: sleepy Auburn Hollow (originally Auburn Pines) has been invaded by monsters who’ve awakened from a 100-year hibernation. Who can save the town – and Halloween?

Comically (and sometimes very sweetly), the daunting task is left to a super-quirky, smart, wisecracking but loyal group of four Auburn Hollow kids. They’ve been entrusted with fascinating costumes that, when donned, will help them defeat the monsters…if they live to tell the tale.

Sounds grim (yay!), but it’s also amazingly fun, cool and totes funny. An eclectic mix of sass a la Sanjay and Craig or The Fairly Odd Parents along with that spooky It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown feeling you’ve been craving, you’ve got to get your claws on this one.

A GOOD Amazon Original? Yup

It came from a game: the FPG that sparked the Amazon Original series.

We admit it: we’ve liked one or two Amazon Originals in the past. (Sue us.) The hub is getting smarter, better and more fascinating all the time, and Costume Quest fits that newer, fresher bill. Go, Amazon!

THE PLOT: Four totally quirky friends are handed magical Halloween costumes in order to fight a threat to their sleepy town. In doing so, they learn they have much more firepower (and imaginative skillz) than they ever thought. But is there magically changing armor enough to fight unearthly beings and save Auburn Pines – and the world?

THE GOOD GUYS: The quirky townspeople; monster-fighters Wren and Reynold, Lucy and Everett

THE BAD GUYS: A mob of engaging and occasionally very morbidly hilarious (“can’t we just eat [the children])?” monsters; the mean, mean Bob Dickerson


BASED ON: An original RPG game by Double Fine Productions

PRODUCERS: Bryan Caselli, Will McRobb, Nick Bachman

MUSIC: The Blasting Company

Saving the Day…and Costume Quest

Back off, man – hand over the CQ and nobody gets hurt.

One gripe we do have: Amazon is steering its lineup away from kiddie shows…even great ones. And while we LOVE a serious slasher or a cry-your-eyes-out epic, there’s just something about a smartly-written cartoon that makes the season…well, more like we all remember.

On the other hand, Costume Kids nailed it so succinctly that there’s a Christmas special on the horizon. However, the show’s producers fear there may not be many more season to come. And that’s a shame, because Costume Kids has what it takes to be the next It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown…with a 21st century supercharge.

Check the show out and be sure to rate it. We know we were laughing with the show and cheering the Costume Quest foursome on. You’re going to love it, too.

What did you think of Costume Quest? Vote with your fingers below!

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