10 Totally Creepy Dolls from Amazon

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Want these ^  creepy Grady Twins? Scroll down and click on the pic.

Dolls are always a popular choice for Halloween props. Why? Because even when they’re cute, they’re still at least a little creepy.

In that spirit (see what we did there?), here are 10 totally creepy doll choices. *All* have 4+ star ratings on Amazon. Better yet: if you have Prime, you can get some of these within ONE business day. CLICK EACH PIC for info…and stay spooky, friends!

Morris Costumes Haunted Doll with Sound

Lights, sound, run like hell! This horrifying little playmate wants you to be her friend. Press to activate sound. With cool cracked-looking facade.

Mezco Toys Talking Grady Twins: Collector’s Edition

Our apologies if you are one, but dude, twins are just spooky…especially when they look like this. They sound JUST like the original demented duo.

Pennywise Plush Doll by Kidrobot

Aww! Keep ’em up at night with this adorbs squeezable friend.

Mezco Toys Annabelle Doll: Collector’s Edition

The original! By the way, don’t let the price tag scare you: apply for an Amazon Visa and you’ll get $44 off (subject to change).

Oyefly Squish Voodoo Baby

Go ahead…you do that voodoo that you do so well. Just don’t do it on us!

Living Dead Dolls Collectible Pennywise

Like your clowns a little harder? This version of Pennywise is a collectible figurine and comes in his own box (DON’T let him out).

Skelanimals Bat “Diego”

We’re over the moon! He’s so cuddly-kreepy-cute.

Pazuzu Statue

We know…he’s not actually a doll. But come on. How could we not?

Slappy Ventriloquist Doll

With…accessories. (Shudder.) We LOVE this.

Funko Jigsaw “Billy” Figurine

Cuddle him close. Ouch, not that close. A phreakishly phun addition to your Funko Pop collection.


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